Why You Should Avoid Seeds of Negativity

Something I've been wondering about for some time is the effect of Negative seeds on growth.

Man or Woman - praying, searching, wanting the relationship of their dreams.

Man or Woman meets someone they are happy with, seems like 'This is IT'.

Man or Woman shares with close friends & family their excitement at finding "the one."

Friends & family begin to dig and raise "areas of concern" and bring up things man/Woman should check out about this person and start sowing seeds of doubt. All in the name of caring and looking out for their friend/family they insist "Make sure you check him/her out o, make sure you do your investigation properly, are you sure he/she is not lying to you? Are you sure he/she does not have a wife/husband somewhere?"

Question, why do we focus on the negatives?
Help me out, somebody!

Whatever you focus on grows, remember.

Seeds are important part of the process. You can dig around but dig with an intention to sow good seed.

I Was a Seed

When I think of where I used to be and where I am now, one thing is GLARING - I AM A KEPT WOMAN!

I think about what could have been, but was not, only because God kept me. You see, God's mercy said, No, not this one. I will keep her, I will cover her, I will protect her, she will even think she's been buried, forgotten and forsaken, not realizing that she is a seed that must die first before she can bloom and bear fruits to bless others.

I had to be buried so I could bloom again.

Like seeds of greatness are sowed, we all must see the mercies of God as seeds and share this with others.

My heart screams "Tori pe e se, aanu yin duro - Thank you God, your mercies endure forever".

The power of a SEED!!! Do you realise that every thing needed to make this tree was in a SEED!!!

Before your leave, I would like to share this video with you. I loved it!

The Power of Positivity | Brain Games


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