UK Single Entrepreneur Mothers in Business are Taking Over!

According to the BBC, There are now 4.9 million mothers with dependent children in work, up almost a third from 3.7 million in 1996. In just a little more than 20 years, the UK has experienced a 30% increase in the number of working or entrepreneur mums.

The challenge is real and a lot of us are stepping up to it. Unfortunately, both the Independent and BBC report an unfavourable job market for women and especially single mums.

It's quite unfortunate that a lot of women don't understand the danger they expose their children to by not building a business.

You'd expect that there would be opportunities to help you support your kids if you end up alone. The facts say otherwise!

My Personal Story

It's nearly a year since I started promoting Seed Nutrition and I have gotten paid every single week since then!

But, that's not what excites me the most. It's the number of my business partners that get paid every single week as well! 

So you see, starting a business does not only help you. It helps many others who are just like you!

As a single mum of 3 fabulous and active children, this is a HUGE blessing!

When I decided to start promoting Health & Wellness products full time 8+ years ago, I did not know things would change in my home and I would become a single mum. Boy! am I glad I started a business back then even in the midst of plenty ( contracting as a Project Management professional was great income & ex - husband also contracting in the IT world)!!

All may look honky-dory right now. Perfect job, perfect family with your perfect 2.5 children.
I have however found that it is wisdom to have another source of income, it is wisdom to be financially independent, why?

CHANGE is the only CONSTANT in life! BE PREPARED!!πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

If the options were succeed or become homeless, you will make it happen. That's why most successful people have a rag to riches story! They HAD NO other option!

You should watch this ted-talk, I find it useful for mum entrepreneurs.

TEDxNaperville - Jill Salzman - Why Moms Make The Best Entrepreneurs

Hitting rock bottom could be the best thing that ever happened to you!

What are you going to do? Buckle? Feel the weight and back down?
No! You have to find that entreprenuer inside of you. You are a mum entreprenuer from today. This is not going to be business as usual where women run and hide.

Don't be the one who tells his/her kids - you can achieve your dreams, you can be anything you want, but then give up on your own dreams!

Eventually, you'll pull through those dark days and come out shining. When you think of God's goodness and where He's brought you from. The fact that I could be long gone, but He kept me! I am a living testimony.

When you realize that all that was sent to destroy you only succeeded in making you stronger.

All you can do is worship the creator, the maker, the One who was before the beginning and the One who will be after the end..
The lifter up of my head, the one who died so I could live.

The one who turned my mess into a message and my test into a testimony. This here is my testimony. Whatever you are going through, God has prepared you to be the best of who you can be. Everything you need is within you already.


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