13 Power Quotes to Jumpstart Your Life for Remarkable Results.

3 years ago, I wrote down these words during a mindset call with my mentor. I shared these 13 Power Quotes to Jumpstart Your Life & Achieve Greatness with my network a few days ago. I would love to share some of them with you today.

I recently shared some of the top secrets of how I ventured fearlessly into the Network Marketing industry in my book Stealth Cashflow. These 13 statements helped me through those early years. I hope they help you too.

  1. "If nothing changes, nothing changes but if one thing changes, everything changes.
  2. To be successful with anything, you're going to have to change.
  3. As above, so below - that which is within us also exists outside of us. Whatever we are experiencing in our lives is just a reflection of what is happening IN us.
  4. Do you sense an internal struggle that is manifesting problems in your external life? If you take care of the things you CAN control, the things you CAN'T control don't affect you as much.
  5. Your perspective is either your passport to freedom or prison of frustration.
  6. You have to think purposely and not passively.
  7. Are you stagnant or stretching? The only way to discover our full potential is to move out of our comfort zone and begin to do things a little differently.
  8. You can either hold on to your dream by letting go of your excuses or you can hold on to your excuses by letting go of your dream. You can't do both.
  9. All the money you need is already created, you just need to go get it.
  10. Prosperity is around all of us, we just have to work on ourselves so we can attract it.
  11. The stories of my mind are becoming the stories of my life.
  12. Your mentality creates your reality!
  13. Are your associations in sync with your ambitions?"



If nothing changes, nothing changes but if one thing changes, everything changes


Your Perspective

Your perspective is either your passport to freedom or prison of frustration.e.

Did any of these statements hit you in your gut like they did me 3 years ago?

I pray that you take some time out today and truly reflect on where you are and where you want to be. Make the decision TODAY to do whatever it will take to get you there. YOU DESERVE IT!

Much love

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