They can take your coat but they can't take your covering.

I woke up with holy anger this morning. I was angry about how we allow the enemy, the issues of life, our worries steal our joy.

So, I decided to command my morning and my week. I spoke LIFE into my day and my week. I spoke LIFE into situations and people I carry close to my heart. I spoke LIFE over my business and my finances.

After a bit of calm, I decided to check my Facebook memories and saw this post I shared a year ago. It was a post by my brother Nnamdi Jarrod Wilkins-Agomo.

They can take your coat, but they can't touch your covering!!! Hallelujah.

"KEEP PUSHING - They can take your coat but they can’t touch your covering! Joseph was very gifted and could hear from God in his dreams. His brothers were very jealous of this gift and the beautiful coat he got from his father who favored him.

So they conspired against him and sold him into slavery. They thought what was ON him (coat) made him special, not knowing it was what was IN him (covering/gift) that did. They threw him in the pit with the coat, but he was still covered! Even when he was moved to prison - still covered! Once he got to the Palace, God, his Covering, made sure his brothers saw their weapons formed but didn’t prosper.

So it is with you. No matter what your enemies do, you are still gifted in the pits and prisons of life. So keep doing what you’re doing because your Palace awaits. No man can stop what God allows. (Genesis 37-43)
Repost - @porsheawilkins"


Let's go make it an incredible day and your best week yet!


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