Fashion is as old as the mountains of the world and it has evolved with a man over decades and centuries, yet there is still an unending struggle to get it right. Oftentimes, in a bid to look elegant and stylish, most people step out of their apartments looking the opposite of what they had in mind.

But, what exactly does it mean to make a fashion statement? In my opinion, it is a bold way of dressing up and showing up without looking ridiculous or out of place yet still leaving a lasting impression in the minds of everyone. It is also the fine art of not blending into the crowd; the act of standing out.

A friend once told me of a young couple who showed up to an engagement party in matching grey shorts, dark green tees, brown cowboy hats, and black boots. They looked great in their fit but the room
was filled with men and women of different races and tribes swaying to the tune of a classic jazz performance, all dressed in elegant black evening dresses and stylish tuxedos. Of course, they stood out like a sore thumb and heads turned in their direction but they were denied access to the rest of the party.

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Although it's great to stand out, the ultimate key to making a fashion statement is ensuring that your look fits the occasion. I’m sure you know that you can’t turn up to a wedding in a bikini or the gym in a pair of blazers even if you feel like it. In essence, making a fashion statement is not just about wearing what feels right for you.

Another tip is to dress comfortably. While it is okay to explore fashion and step out of your comfort zone once in a while, the trick is to know how to balance it out. Imagine pitching to an audience of potential investors about your business and they can hardly concentrate on your pitch deck because your eyes are teary from wearing faux lashes for the first time.

That’s not a good one.

Always ensure that your dressing leaves room for you to breathe, move, and shine without obstructions.

Finally, master your style.

Everyone has a style. It is our means of expressing our true selves through various mediums, including but not limited to our choice of fabrics, colors, patterns, hairstyles, accessories, and more. Still, it is unfortunate that as unique as our styles are, most people often choose to walk in the shadows of other people's styles. While it’s not wrong to hop on a fashion trend, I think trends should fit into your style and not the other way round.

If you want to make a statement at any event, you need to create your style and own it. And repetition is key to owning a style.

The same way you repeatedly and consistently put your business in the face of people so that they can remember you as the owner is the same way you should slip your style into any look for any occasion, every time. Remember, fashion statements can be great or naaahhhh but you have a choice to decide which one it gets to be.

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