I don't know why, but this scripture just dropped in my spirit:

Psalm 126:1-2.

1. When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.

2. Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them.

3. The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.

I have learned that when things happen unplanned this way, it's because somebody needs to hear, read or see this.

So, if this is for you, be encouraged. The road you're on right now may look dark and heading nowhere, but He's going to turn it around.

Maybe, you were once comfortable; you had all you thought you would ever need, and then life happened and things went south for you.

Please hang in there, it's not over for you.
When the Lord turns things around for you, people will begin to call you - Mosebolatan - I thought his/her wealth had finished. Your response will be - Ola o tan, ola ku seyin jaburata - wealth is not finished, it is limitless!!!

So, please tell them not to mock you yet. Tell them not to laugh at you yet. You will rise again!

I may fall 7 times, but know this, I WILL RISE AGAIN!

Feeling this so strong in my spirit this morning.

That state of depression is not yours
That state of defeat is not yours
That state of self pity is not yours
That state of sadness is not yours

You were born to win, and it's not over until you win!!


You are the head, and the head shall you be.

To every man/male feeling crushed, feeling like they've lost their manhood, their headship, their place, either by your fault or not.....You were made to lead, to guide, to love, to direct, to protect, to serve in love....


Please know that it's not over!
You will rise again.
Learn the lessons from your mistakes and get back in the game of life, this time, determined to get it right, determined to make an impact, determined to leave an enviable legacy, determined to leave this world a better place.

You are loved
You are cherished
You are honoured

Not every woman talks down on men
Not every woman looks down on men
Not every woman is out to get you
Not every woman wants to take from you

Some women want to add to you
Some women want to speak life over you
Some women want to see you occupy your place in society
Some women want to support your dreams and aspirations
Some women want to bless you
Some women want to see you fulfil your purpose on earth

So, this day I (and other women who would join me this morning) pray and speak life over our men...

It is well with you
Your glory shall be seen again
No longer will you be called desolate or forgotten
You will rise again
You will take your place in society
You will impact those you've been called to impact
You will be a great and shining example to our boys and our girls too
We call you blessed
We call you the sought after of the Lord
You are blessed and highly favoured
Your place is the head, that is how God made it and that is how it is....the Lord himself will teach you how to lead in love
Great shall be your peace

No more shall you be trodden upon
You are rising again
Your light is shining again
Your wealth is coming back

We speak life over you and we bless our men today. AMEN!!!

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