One of the things I enjoy the most about what I do are the people I work with. They always give me reasons to be thankful and happy. Like when they sent me a surprise box of flowers!

I went to the shops earlier to get our weekly shopping done. I got back home just after 7 pm. I needed to get the kids to offload the shopping & put everything away before the 8 pm Zoom session.

My daughter came out and said "Mum, you got some flowers". I said Huh? Flowers, from who?

Had no idea where it could have come from.

Opened the box and then read the card.

Just look at the beauty

I got teary eyed.

When I say I serve the best team in the world, I'm not just saying it.

To the person/people (SisĀ Yetunde Odebiyi, I know she's the ring leader) who did on behalf of the team ~ THANK YOU!

This warmed my heart. When I say I love you, When I say I appreciate you, and When I say I'm blessed because of you all, I'm not just talking.

I mean every word of it. Thank you so much. It is such an honour to serve you all. Much love.

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