More people than ever have begun working from home since the Covid-19 pandemic breakout. No doubt, working from home offers some benefits, like work flexibility and spending more time with family. However, the downsides which could include low productivity, work errors and burn out seem to outweigh the benefits. In recent times, the impact of working from home has stirred debates among corporate leaders and professionals. As a result, solutions, processes and new methodology are being developed to ensure that individuals who work from home deliver their job optimally.  


While certain measures have been  put in place by some organizations, working from home still remains a challenge to many. This could be because of the endless distractions around the home. It is even more challenging for workers who are also parents. With their kids running around in diapers, to playing workspace challenges, to baby-sitting needs while attending a host of virtual meetings, the list is endless.  

These distractions limit your creativity and affect your work output. On the other hand, even people with little or no distractions may suffer constant burnout and become isolated because of the numerous deadlines they have to beat. Most people who work remotely work round the clock, leading to severe burnout and other health conditions. Based on a 2021 report on Bloomberg, many remote workers complained about working while they are ill leading to more burnout. There’s no doubt that we all need personal processes that help create a balanced remote-work life and even more productive work life. 

To get started, fixing a work schedule will help you stay focused. Think of each day like you are in the office. You don't get on seat until 9am, don't start working until 9:20am. The goal is to ensure that your mind is relaxed and prepared for a new day's task. Working round the clock puts your brain at risk of several health conditions. With track apps like Troggl Track, Timesheet, you can stick to your schedule and avoid working all through the day.

Even with the trackers, many people may end up working for long hours without a break. After spending a bulk of hours working, learn to take a break. Perhaps, a 15 minutes break after 2 hours of work will be great. You could binge on your favorite shows or call your colleagues at work. 

If you do not consider any of the above ideas for you. Perhaps, going out once a week may be a great idea. If you are one of those people who love going out, then you should spend some time going out to work. This enables you to have real-time interaction with other people. 

Obviously, working from home has come to stay in the workspace and the earlier you adjust to it, the better it is for you. 

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