The secret is finally out in public. Everyone now knows that it is true. Shayo Alofe's big secret is finally exposed! I published yet another book!!

WHAT??? A SECOND BOOK IN 2020?? I started #November on an exciting note! Have you ever wanted to achieve something and then you did way more? This year I set out to be a published author.

  • First, I #published my first book "Stealth Cashflow".
  • Then I launched a video course.
  • Finally, I was invited to coauthor a #book just a few months to the end of the year!I

can't tell you how much this means to me. As we go into November, I would like to appreciate everyone from my Dream Builder's family that has made this possible.

Thanks to Rob Sperry for inviting me to co-author this book with 25 others. Huge thanks to my CEO, Byron P Belka for the support. Also a shout out to all my coauthors including Marina Mursic Cvmd. It's time to make those preorders!


How can you help?

  1. Reserve your preorders using the form above.
  2. Hit the like & reaction buttons.
  3. Share with your network!

Thanks for all you do and I look forward to seeing you at launch!#networking #networkmarketing #books #mlm #author

If you would like to get copies preordered, please follow this link

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