Some things just have to happen in their own time. There's a process to go through. No matter how good, smart or skilled you are, you're still going to need 9 months to make a baby. You can't shorten the process to 9 days or 9 weeks.

Sometimes the length of the process determines the quality of the outcome.

My people would say "Apeje o gbodo je ibaje"(Someone help me translate to English)

"Delay is not denial" a close meaning but does not capture the meaning fully.

Trust the process my people.

Respect the process.

Enjoy the wait. You're building Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y. You're being prepared for the BEST! I prayed and wished for this day for years, I imagined what it would feel like and I visualised it.

I asked, When will we have 1000 people join our team in a month?

It looked so far away. I didn't know when it will happen but I knew someday it will if we just continue to put in the work.

Today, all the things I saw happen in the organisations of top leaders years ago, the success I prayed for, the numbers I wanted to have too, they are all happening for me.

1,701 people joined our team in the last 30 days.

The team is now 13,244 strong, for the FIRST time in my 10 year career in this amazing profession and it's only been 2 years & 2 months with this company!

WOW. Won't he do it?

I did the work though and I am still doing the work. When I tell people I did 3 back to back Zoom sessions on Sunday, they look at me like I'm weird. Or when I say we now run 4 presentations daily on my team, people are like what??? 

Well, I learned a while ago "Success is never owned, it is rented and rent is due every day". Yup!

Truly, when you put in the work, when you serve your team in love and even those outside your team when you remain humble...great results are inevitable.

Now looking forward to the next milestone ~1000 people to join our team in 1 day!!!

Yessssss we can do it! Impossible is nothing!

Super grateful for my tribe the DREAM BUILDERS. Building dreams is what we do.

UBUNTU - I am, because we are!

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"I'm waiting for the perfect moment". How many times have you heard someone say that? I've heard it several times.

I've come with an appeal to you.

Do you love someone? tell them now.
Did someone hurt you? let them know now. Whether they apologise or not, forgive.
Did you hurt someone? Apologise now.
Do you miss someone? call, text or get up and go see them now.
You can't live without someone? let them know now.
Do you feel like complimenting someone? do it now, don't wait for another opportunity.
Do you want to spend time with someone? well, make it happen sooner, rather than later.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this; stop putting things off, stop procrastinating. The perfect moment or the right moment may never come.

Learn to seize each moment and make it a memorable one.

There's no better time than the present moment.

What's the point of blurting out your feelings after they are gone?

You're going to have to make the moment you've got now right/perfect.

"...stop putting things off, stop procrastinating. The perfect moment or the right moment may never come."

Shayo Alofe

Stop acting like you've got tomorrow. Nobody knows that for sure.

Yes, we pray that God keeps us all and satisfies us with long life. AMEN
However, you must learn to seize each moment you will live a much happier and burden-free life. Selah

Much love ~ 💗💕💗

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