According to the Direct Marketing Association, about 76 million people are involved in network marketing, with an estimation of 140,000 new prospects joining the industry weekly. The network marketing industry is huge with product sales and recruitment as integral elements. Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing—affiliates are given incentives to recruit new affiliates or sell a product. An affiliate receives a commission based on sales of the product or referral of a prospect. Whether you are a distributor, consumer, or recruiter, you can make a steady income from the MLM affiliate strategy.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Identify Your Ideal Product or Company: Your product may determine your affiliate revenue. Select a fast but steady moving or attractive product with an available audience. Whether it is skincare products, healthcare products, or home care products, ensure that you select products with a large market size.
  2. Maximize social media marketing: Social media is a global marketplace, with millions of people looking for helpful products. Leveraging social media is helpful and profitable. Affiliates can maximize organic advertisement available on social media platforms. However, you must tailor your content to your audience.
  3. Create relevant content: Publishing random content on social media will not boost your affiliate revenue. Ensure that you post content that attracts the target audience. Your target audience is a potential customer. As an affiliate, help your audience discover your product's features or the benefit of your MLM compensation plan through your content.
  4. Convert your audience into affiliate customers: One of MLM affiliate marketing's biggest mistakes is assuming traffic generates profit and recruitment of new prospects.  It does not work that way. Let’s say a product on your site pays $50 for every sale you make, and your affiliate conversion rate is 2%. This means that for every 100 visitors, 2 of them are buying the product. The revenue per click you earn is $1 per click. So, 2X your visitors may not generate affiliate revenue if you have a weak conversion optimization campaign. Conversion campaigns can increase your revenue by converting your existing visitors into affiliate customers. These kinds of campaigns are targeted to persuade visitors to take action and buy products instead of just connecting to your brand.

If you consider making stealth cashflow from marketing, getting these resources could just be game changers for you.

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