Here's a message for divorced, single mums. You need to hear this from someone who understands you.

The society we live in labels us and makes it look like being divorced, or being a single mum is a weakness!

NO IT IS NOT! In fact, I choose to see it as MY strength!

It takes STRENGTH for a woman to stand up for herself and her children and walk away from a partner who does not love, respect or support her.

It takes STRENGTH for a woman to choose to raise her children alone if her ex decides to neglect his responsibilities.

It takes STRENGTH for a woman to choose to ignore the 'noise' from church, her culture, family, friends and choose to do what is right for herself and her children.

It takes STRENGTH for a woman to choose to raise her children in a sane, functional home even if she has to raise them alone.

It takes STRENGTH for a woman to still choose to walk away knowing that she will be judged by some and labelled.

This takes Strength

Many of us know women who chose not to walk away, for fear of what the society, the church, friends & family would say.

Instead they pretend like all is well. They wear a well made up face with the perfect smile, but are completely dead inside. They are not fulfilling their purpose here on earth, not helping their children discover their gifts and talents and they've lost touch with who they are meant to be.

These women are raising dysfunctional children in a toxic home. Now, that is a WEAKNESS.

So, my dear divorced, single mum, you are not Weak. You are STRONG! Do not accept any label given to you by the society, church, culture, family or friends. You are a phenomenal woman who chose to be true to herself. Now, that is STRENGTH!!!

Dear divorced, single mum, you are loved!

From one STRONG, divorced, single mum to another! Much love 💗💕😍😚😙.

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