"To the bridges I burned that lit the way, to the ties I cut that set me free, and to the rocks that were thrown at me that I built a firm foundation of healing upon, thank you for guiding me to self-love."


I learned some years ago that when you allow people to disrespect, mistreat and abuse you. It's a sign that you do not love or value yourself. When you love and value yourself, you will learn to walk away from people and things that do not serve your greatest good.

"Don't chase people.
Be an example.
Attract them.
Work hard and be yourself.
The people who belong in your life will come to find you and stay.
Just do your thing."

You are not going to be everyone's cup of tea and that's ok, you're not meant to be. You're not a mug.

There are people whose lives you are meant to impact, these are your people. They get you. They love you and they want to be around you. When they come, love them hard. They are your tribe.

The only way you can attract your tribe is to be yourself. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

There's so much good, and greatness in you, learn to stay around those who bring out more of this greatness daily!

I remember declaring at the beginning of this year that I will become a Black Rain Diamond. In fact, it's part of my children's declaration every day. we say it on the school run every morning! WOW!!! WE CREATED IT!!!

Wow, Black Diamond! It happened! We made it happen with our faith and relentless effort together as a family.

Hitting this target has only made me wish that a lot more people understood how powerful their words are. When you decree a thing, it shall be established! When you follow it up with inspired action, you will create it!


The other Family that Helped

This accomplishment is a win for my team, we call ourselves The Dream Builders! The trust and belief in me as their leader and the love we share made this possible! Indeed, if you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want. Thank you, family. I love you !!!

Many people ask me, Shayo, why are you so focused, driven, hardworking? You don't socialise (ermmmm working on that, lol). My answer is simple. I have a HUGE why! I believe I was placed on this planet to impact so many lives and until that is done, my work is not done. To do that and do it excellently, I must be about my purpose daily.

Anything that is not in line with that is a distraction. The Network Marketing industry has provided an amazing vehicle to help me reach those I have been called to serve! For that, I am so grateful!

This Milestone is Meant to Serve Others

I want to inspire people, I want them to turn round one day and say because you survived, I survived too.
Because you chose to thrive again, I began to thrive too.
Because you chose to bloom again, I started blooming too.
Because you decided not to give up, here I am still standing.
Because you decided to blaze a trail where others failed to tread, I am following my bliss too.

The Network Marketing industry has provided an amazing vehicle to help me reach those I have been called to serve!

Shayo Alofe

So, this win is to show everyone that nothing is impossible!

The colour of your skin does not matter.
Your gender makes no difference.
Your background does not come into play.
Your accent can not stop you.

My Message To You

To every woman who has been broken, battered and bruised by the man who was supposed to love you the most, you can rise above that. Be whatever you choose to be! Your past does not define you!

To every single parent struggling to do it all alone; keep the home front, put food on the table, ensure the kids stay in the straight and narrow path, you can be all you ever wanted! You can have it all. All you ever dreamed of, plus some!

To everyone who has made their home in a foreign country, the colour of your skin does not matter. You can rise and become whoever you want to be. Just be a man or woman of value!

Nothing can stop a person whose time has come! And your time is whenever YOU say it is!!!

I am immensely grateful to God - the one who made me and put these dreams and desires in my heart and who equipped me with the gifts I need to birth them all.

Thank you, Lord!

To my business partners, the Dream Builders all over the world, we did this! This is only the beginning!
UBUNTU - I am because we are!

To my senior business partner, I call her my Diamond, Marina. Your positive speaking and belief in me, has helped me immensely, I am grateful.

To Dino, I call him my boss. Your support, push and drive daily has made me a better person and has allowed me to see way beyond what I thought I was capable of. Thank you, boss!

To our company that has given us the vehicle to change our health & wealth and that of others. Thank you!

To leaders and legends in the Network Marketing profession, thank you for blazing the trail, thank you for showing us what is possible, thank you for helping to shatter my limiting beliefs. I draw strength from you all daily. Too many names to mention. Thank you!

To my business partners not on my team, thank you for your support and encouragement. We will all make our dreams come true!

And to my Facebook family, thank you for always supporting and cheering me on, even when sometimes you didn't understand what I was doing or what I was on about, thank you!

This is only the beginning!!!

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