The invention of the internet has introduced a massive transformation to marketing and business as a whole. The internet has made the world a digital marketplace and businesses more accessible. According to a survey from Statista, there were 1.8 billion global digital buyers in 2018 and1.92 digital buyers in 2019. Online shopping has become a necessity, considering that eCommerce purchases are expected to rise to 22%. 

Selling online is a necessity for the 21st-century entrepreneur. The internet has eliminated every geographical limitation; hence you can reach your target audience online. In this article, you will learn the formula I have used repeatedly to sell my products to my buyers.

  1. Identify your customer base: Every entrepreneur should be focused on his or her potential customers. The ability to understand your customer, sell your product, and satisfy your customers is the focus of the entrepreneurial activities. Understanding your customers is fundamental to practical marketing efforts. 
  2. Set up your online store: Selling online is not entirely different from the physical. You need a store to sell your products online, too, just like a physical mall. There are many e-commerce stores for different products and industries. Platforms like Amazon, Kindle, Facebook, and many platforms have, over the years, helping entrepreneurs. These platforms also support advertisement, which is an effective method of marketing. You can also link your online store to your social media for easy access. Interestingly, you can sell on multiple stores if you can manage them properly. 
  3. Create high-attractive product content: Content is essential in 21st-century business. Whether it is visual or written content, it must be high-quality and attractive to your customers. Great content compels your customer to buy your products and motivates them to trust your products.
  4. Drive traffic to your store: The end goal of content marketing is to sell your products. Getting an audience interested in your products is not enough; making sales and having returning customers is ideal. Returning customers will most likely recommend your products and services to others, and the chain continues. Aside from word of mouth, which is the traditional form of marketing, organic advertisement is also a great method to drive traffic to your store. 


If you are interested in mastering multiple e-commerce platforms. Ensure that you select what works best for you. Depending on your marketing goal, it is worth exploring options and learning from an expert. I can coach you with different methods to leverage the internet and get paid. 

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