Just read about the death of yet another person I met on Facebook. So many people have passed on this year - their loved ones, broken and shattered.

Last weekend, two different people mentioned the importance of living life fully while on your journey to your dreams and goals. Enjoy where you are now. Spend time with your loved ones now. Let them know the magnitude of your love for them now.

None of us will live forever. One day it will be our turn. Will your loved ones know how much they mean to you when it's your turn? Will you know how much you meant to them when you go?

Let's give all the love, flowers, kisses, hugs and attention now when our loved ones are still here with us. They won't be here forever. You won't be here forever. We all won't be here forever.

Let's put all the pettiness aside, reach out to that sister, brother, cousin, mother, father, child, lover, colleague etc you're fighting with and you've vowed not to talk to again.

If something happens to you or them, would you be devastated? If your answer is yes, please make amends now. Destroy pride & ego. Make peace and say you're sorry. It won't kill you.

Forgive those who have wronged you and don't hold on to past hurts. Let things go. They say people never know what they have until they lose it. Don't let that be you.
Decide to ensure that all your loved ones know exactly how much they mean to you and how much you love them while they are still alive!

What's the point of the tears, visits, travel, flowers etc you give when they're gone if you never gave those when they were alive?

Rest in peace Ms. Sheila🙏🏾

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