"If you can't see it, you can't have it. You must see it in your mind before it will ever become a reality.

  • You must be convinced of your success.
  • You must live in a new home.
  • You must drive the new car.
  • You must see your amazing spouse in your imagination before it will ever become a reality." ~ Will Smith

Dream Again in the New Year


In 2020, please take some time to dream again. Daydream EVERY DAY about the life that you want, allow yourself imagine. Walk on the beaches, hold his or her hand, drive the car, build the house, buy the apartments, receive the million-dollar credit alerts, build the orphanages, sponsor the widows. Just imagine. Let your mind run wild a few minutes every day. Make it as vivid as possible.

Do this every single day, then begin to speak as though you already have these things, give thanks for already driving that car, owning that home, being in that beautiful, blissful and blossoming relationship with the man/woman of your dreams, the millions showing as your bank balance.

Let your mind run wild a few minutes every day.

Shayo Alofe

Do not give thanks because these things are coming, BUT give thanks as though they are here and yours already. Then take action on any inspired thoughts you get. Go to work for these dreams and you will create them.

2020 will be your year ONLY if you do things differently.

2020 ~ I'm ready!!!

Much love.💞💞❣💞💞

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