Back in January, my big sister decided to upgrade to partner after being a customer for a few months. Busola Alofe is my networking personality of the week.

She made the decision to be partner after she attended the kick off event in January. She started building with urgency and was spreading the gospel of Seed Nutrition all over Nigeria, UK & the US. As a result, she has a phenomenal team growing, full of awesome people.

She took time out to attend the recently concluded ASCEND event. She was there for all 3 days as well as many people on her team. She caught fresh fire and today, it gives me great joy to recognise and congratulate her as my FIRST PERSONALLY SPONSORED GOLD EXECUTIVE IN NIGERIA.

October 2010, I decided to step out in faith and become a full time Network Marketing professional. I have had great months and horrible months, all in all, the good outweigh the bad.

I always look for and encourage Baby Steps, Big Wins and all the best that comes with patience.

One of my biggest goals is to help hundreds earn a million dollars in this profession. To get there though, I need to help thousands earn 6 figures.

I'm just sat here, full of gratitude because things are in place to make that happen. I can literally spot my 6 figure earners across my team, some are closer than others, but I can see it happening!

Believing in abundance and manifesting it is one thing, however helping others create abundance in their lives is a whole 'nother level!!

And we are still warming up. We've not even scratched the surface yet!

This is a HUGE ONE for me.

Huge Congratulations big sis and thank you for all you do!! We love you plenty!

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