Most people I have spoken to about Network Marketing don't know that it's an opportunity to be a business owner. It helps to build your network marketing business like a regular startup because it is a regular startup!

See the Network Marketing career path as a start-up venture that requires your capital, time and commitment. This is not a day job. It's not some trial for luck scheme.

Frazer Brookes shares a similar thought in his book, I Dare You. He says: "One of the things I disliked the most in Network Marketing was the mind flow of giving something a year. 'Ok Frazer, I will join, and see how it goes after one year.' I would prefer them not to join. Do you get married to someone and think, you know what, I will give this a year and if my partner is up to scratch, I will continue the marriage for another year.

No, you are committed for the long term. The only real variable in Network Marketing is YOU."

As a business start-up, you need to consider your strategy in the long run. This strategy will be informed by your motivation. Why choose a career in Network Marketing? Why does this matter so much to you and to your potential network?

Becoming successful in Network Marketing is NEVER about a product (s) or a company! It IS about your WHY! Your Network Marketing company is simply a VEHICLE to help you achieve your WHY!

If you share with your prospects 'HOW' your company is helping you achieve your 'WHY', then the products or company do not really matter! That's how I could build a business in a wine company and not even be a wine drinker! It's not about the wine, it's about the access wine gives me to hundreds of millions of people who I can impact their lives and help achieve their WHYs.

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This might come as a shock to some considering the many misconceptions about this industry. The Network Marketing industry is a business built on trust, close networks and information. It's important that you find these elements in the company you choose to sign up with.

This blog post is an excerpt from my recently self-published book "Stealth Cashflow".

Network Marketing fails when information isn't readily available for prospects or a representative is insufficiently experienced to solve the problems of their market.

The networks built must be sustained through capacity development and valuable communication. The major difference between Network Marketing and other marketing models is that income generated is split between the company owners/management and the people that brought in the income.

The Network Marketing industry is a business built on trust, close networks and information.

Whereas, in other forms of marketing, the income goes to the owner/s of the company. With Network Marketing, you are expected to have transparent income structures that everyone can understand.

I believe Network Marketing is the fairest business model out there. It rewards purely based on your work ethic and effort. Your educational background, race, gender, sexuality, location etc have no bearing on what you can achieve. If you do the work, you will get rewarded for the work you did. Simple!

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Network Marketing is a leveller. Everyone has the same access to the company’s products and the company’s compensation plan. What you achieve is up to you.

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I know earning an extra income may not be one of your goals, but stop discouraging those that have such ambition. There are simple, proven systems that would effectively help you replicate success. You just have to be willing to follow the simple system and change your life!

Stop saying Network Marketing does not work!
Stop saying only those at the top make money!
Stop saying you need years of experience to succeed!

All the above are lies!!!

All You Need to Succeed is a System

Michael L. Sheffield describes network marketing as a proven system where the design, creation, and expense the corporate team has gone through becomes a road map for your own success.Β  All you have to do is, duplicate and replicate the processes.

He explains further with this example: Most successful people building a network marketing business do so in an organized method. They work a few dedicated hours each week, with each hour of effort serving as a building block for their long-term business growth. Then they sponsor other people and teach those people how to sell the company product and sponsor others who duplicate the process.

Why You Need a System or Process

An old mentor of mine used to say that systems are greater than talent and boy, was he right?

I may not succeed in making everyone a believer in Network Marketing. but I'm definitely going to make everyone a witness!!!

Here's proof. I have collected some reports and income statements from marketers I directly work with on my team. 99% of these people have NEVER done Network Marketing before, but they keep getting paid week after week after week!

So, we decided to share our income in the group for our Managers & above yesterday. It was all just to encourage ourselves and see how far we've come!

My Network's Income Reports

It was so beautiful to see that people are getting paid weekly.

It was amazing to see that those who have soft-pedaled, not running hard as they did at the beginning are STILL earning weekly.

It was also refreshing to see that the weekly income reflected how life is - some weeks are low, some weeks are high, some are freaking phenomenal!

As a professional network marketer, nothing gives me more joy than to see my team members succeeding!

This little side gig works after all!!!

DISCLAIMER: Joining our company is not a guarantee that you will make money - working hard and following our system is what guarantees that.
This is a business, so it requires start-up capital.

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Many people say NO to the Network Marketing industry because they've heard some horror stories from others or they've had some bad experiences themselves.

However, the fact that you or 10 people you know did not do well in Network Marketing is NOT proof that nobody does well in the industry.

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I am sure you know many people who started out wanting to be a million dollar recording artist. Some had amazing voices, but they never quite made it in the industry. Does that mean nobody does well as a recording artist?

How about those who started out wanting to play professional football. They were extremely talented. They put in the hours but were never signed by a top club.

Or those who started at corporate jobs. Who were very hardworking, skilled at what they do but never quite made it to top management, does that mean nobody makes it to top management in the corporate world? Of course not!

You see, in EVERY industry, not EVERYONE can make it to the top. In Network Marketing however, EVERYBODY can. It depends on YOU, YOU, YOU and YOU alone.

I found that top network marketers always create a system for their teams. You see, the thing about systems is, they work, ANYWHERE and can be DUPLICATED.

When I learned this was when I cracked the code. I developed a SYSTEM for my team. Those who are following our system are growing weekly and getting paid weekly.

One of them sent me this yesterday. She was in tears.

Marketing Commissions Backend View

Marketing Commissions Back-end

She joined me a little over a year ago and has been super consistent. She logged in to her back office yesterday to pull up some numbers, mistakenly clicked on commissions button and almost collapsed when she saw what she earned for 1 week. Over $900!!

I included her previous weeks earnings so you can see the progression. She does this part time.

Would earning $900 - $1,000 every week part - time make a difference to you and your family?πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

Will EVERYBODY succeed in Network Marketing? NO!

Can EVERYBODY succeed in Network Marketing? YES!βœ”

Find a company with products you can be passionate about, a fair compensation plan and a sponsor who knows what he or she is doing! Ask what system they use on their team. Ask to see their results!

The truth is, Network Marketing works if you work it!

Those dreams you've had since you were a will you birth them? Network Marketing could be the vehicle for you.

The highest form of ignorance is saying NO to something you don't fully understand.

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We had our Rain Day Meetup and the Hall was packed full as always. You could see how ready and fired up we all were!

I was all glammed up and bubbly as I made my way to the venue. I could not wait to meet all these powerful women in my team and share with them the new strategies and methods we had been secretly working on.

There's so much fulfillment in building your dreams around people. In the end everything you have is summed up in your network!

rain, meetup

The sessions were punchline direct and straight to the subject matter.

I absolutely love these events where like-minded people rub minds and get inspired together. 
Looking forward to hearing some awesome testimonials and impacting & receiving knowledge as well.

rain, meetup
Meeting after the meeting and the smiles are magical!

Meeting after the meeting with Colette Morris, Adeshola Adetunji and Nena Bjerke, Regional Sales Manager who flew in all the way from Norway to support us. Thank you so very much, Nena, we truly appreciate you!πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

We discussed some fantastic ideas around this table, and all I'm going to say is, you can watch us or join us. You haven't seen anything yet!

We are still warming up. Our take off is just around the corner and we are still open to passengers! Stay glued to this blog space!!!!

By the way, have you seen my upcoming engagement at the
Authenticity Women's Conference? Please join me at this event. I look forward to seeing you there!

Authenticity Women's Conference!!

This happened 3 days ago. I became the first and only Diamond Elite in the UK!😳

It has not fully sunk in yet. I'm still going over the past 11 months & 2 weeks in my head.

Early March last year I struggled with the decision to leave the company I had only been with for 5 months and join Rain International. I did not want to be seen as a jumper. I spent too much time wondering - what would people say?πŸ€”

Hmmm, I decided to listen to my own advice - Peoples' opinion don't pay my bills. I had bills to pay and I had to find a way to build a business that would pay my bills plus give me lots of extra income.

Actually, it needed to be a vehicle to make me wealthy. I had decided years ago that for me to accomplish the dreams and goals God has laid on my heart, I have to be wealthy.

So, I knew the right company, with the right products at the right stage of their growth with management and leadership I could trust who share similar values as me, was the way to go - Rain International became that vehicle for me.

I remember reaching out to a lot of people. I had written down names of those I KNEW for a fact would join me. Oh dear, I got let down over and over again.

With no power leg, no big team coming with me. I began to build from scratch. I kept telling myself, Shayo, you've done this before, you can do it again. Build with heart, build with love, be honest and true, be a woman of integrity, fight for your people, go to war for them, be passionate about changing their lives. Your People will come and they will stay.

And they began to come. By my 5th month in Rain, we had surpassed 1,000 partners & CUSTOMERS. You see, our numbers by month 5 was very important to ME. I needed to prove to myself that I made the right decision FOR ME. By the time I left my previous company to join Rain International, I had been there for 5 months and our team was 150 STRONG. However, here, 5 months with Rain and we had gone past 1,000πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

I kept the faith, I surrounded myself with people that already have what I wanted, I submitted myself to learning from these people. I worked hard. I really did. People joke all the time that Shayo doesn't sleep.

Well, I do sleep. Just not when everybody sleeps. I learnt something from an old mentor of mine, he says there would never be anyone on his team who works harder than him. Well, I adopted that too. Definitely you could be more skilled, smarter and more talented, but you could never out work me!

The team began to grow, and then I attended some life transforming events towards the end of last year. Frazer Brookes event in November and Eric Worre's event in December. I ended 2018 with a resolve to become extremely successful in my business; I would attain the rank of Diamond Elite within the first quarter of 2019.

My boss, Dino Nedelko and my diamond Marina Mursic Cvmd believed it. They both kept on saying it will definitely happen. The truth was, I did not see "HOW". Again I remembered the saying that when your WHY is BIG enough, the HOW will manifest. Oh boy was my WHY big!!! It was humongous and still IS.

So we kept on going day after day, night after night. I decided to do things differently beginning of JANUARY. I made 1 tiny CHANGE. Be consistently consistent every single day! Eric Worre said when giving the closing speech at his event last December, that if you choose to become consistent and focus on building your business every single day for the next 12 months, you will change your life.

I told myself - Shayo, you can do IT. Just focus & be consistent for the next 12 months. Well, 90 days later - I achieved what I never thought was possible in less than a year!!!

I am full of gratitude to God who gives us many chances. He gave me another chance with Rain International and I am not going to blow it!

To my #DreamBuilders family, again I say UBUNTU - I am, because we are! You could have joined another team, but you chose us, you chose me. It is an absolute honour to serve you.πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ
Now that we've achieved the impossible, we will begin to DUPLICATE. We will be known as the #DiamondFactory.

To my family, friends, supporters and non-supporters, Thank you.😘😘 I needed your support and lack of to push myself harder. I had to prove to myself that I made the right decision, 11 months & 2 weeks ago and I HAVE!!!

Thank you Rain International - Byron, Russ, Aaron and all the owners and management for giving us a vehicle to help make our dreams come true.❀❀

If you've read this far. Thank you.
Please take these away from yet another chapter of this beautiful story of my life that is unravelling before my very eyes.

⏩ Nothing is impossible.
⏩ If you focus and remain consistent you will achieve ANYTHING.
⏩ You must see it in your MIND first, before you can hold it in your hands.
⏩Surround yourself with people who are better than you, who have what you want and do as they do!

The journey has only just begun!!! We will change hundreds of thousands of lives both physically and financially through RAIN INTERNATIONAL!!!πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

Just listened to 6 amazing people who formed the Ambassador panel at this year's GoPro!

They say you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. I first heard this a few years ago, since then I've made a conscious effort to be around people better, smarter, richer & wealthier than me.

If these crowd of entrepreneurs could fly from Europe to learn more so they can earn more, so can I!!

Do something today that will make your future self proud!

Someone recently shared something that touched me the most. It made me cry like a baby. Each of them were asked what Network Marketing has allowed them to do!

Jane shared a moving story of when her mum was sick with Cancer and was cared for by a lady from Malawi. The lady did such a great job that the mother asked her what she could do for her in return. The lady from Malawi said she did not want anything for herself but told them about her village in Malawi, where there was no clean water. Just before Jane's mum passed away, she was able to raise enough money to build the FIRST CLEAN WATER WELL in that village. Jane's mother said to Jane, you have to build on this, don't let it end here.

Jane went to that village in Malawi and while she was there, a 2 year old boy died from Malaria, because there was no medical center in that village. All that was needed to save that boy was $1.

Jane decided she had to do something. She came back to the UK and started raising funds to build a medical center. Whatever was raised, she doubled it. That medical center was built and hundreds of people are now being treated. Network Marketing made that happen!

Susan shared about how she decided that she would be one of those to end child trafficking in the world. 3 months later, she found herself in Cambodia helping to rescue children used as sex slaves. She sat with children who were sold as virgins at age 4. These children who were on their period but still had to sleep with 7 men on those nights. Susan was able to fund the organization that rescued these children. She did this for 6 years. Network Marketing made that happen.

These 2 stories shared is WHY I do what I do - impacting lives all over the world. People who may NEVER know my name! People who will NEVER be able to repay me!

I am so thankful for this industry and blessed that I found the Network Marketing industry!!


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