One of the most strategic ways to break into network marketing business is through mentoring. A mentor is someone who has gained mastery of their skills and can back it up with results. Selecting a mentor is not a complicated task but takes a lot of caution to offer valuable results. Finding a mentor is a crucial mission; whether you are a newbie in network marketing, or you’ve got a head start. Here are five winning strategies to select a network marketing mentor.

  • Have a clear view of your goals and needs. You need to have a clear insight into your goals and plan. To find a mentor, you must first distinguish between business goals and personal goals. The essence of having a clear goal is to help you make the right choice. It is not enough that a potential mentor shares personality trait with you. Generate a list of short-term and long-term career goals and let that be a guide.
  • Ask questions about your mentor candidates. The right questions can help you discover the truth about your potential mentors. It might be impossible to assess your potential mentors and interview them. However, you can ask your colleagues or friends for their opinions. Here are few questions to ask people:
  1. Can you describe Coach Daniel’s mentoring program?
  2. I intend to gain mastery of a skill. Do you think Coach Shayo will be a great idea?
  3. How would you describe her leadership style?
  • Identify the characteristics of an ideal mentor. There are major characteristics that you must look out for in a mentor. They include consistency, choice of language, mentorship model, accessibility, strength, weakness, the model of communication, reputation, and accomplishments. Asking questions will not provide all these answers, which is why you must identify these characteristics. Attend their events to observe these characteristics.
  • Observe their conduct. While it is good to note the tangible achievements of a mentor, it is also important that you weigh their character and conduct to see if they are worth emulating. One of the things that happen during mentorship is the act of duplication. A mentor provides both knowledge and guidance while the mentee learns both consciously and subconsciously. Beyond a mentor’s bank account, ensure that their lifestyle is worth duplicating.
  • Create a partnership plan and run it by potential mentors. As a network marketer, you should have a work plan or a template of business. If you are yet to have any, you can propose a partnership plan with your potential mentor. A partnership plan is great, but not everyone buys into the idea. Moreover, mentoring is a partnership, and both partners should agree on the kind of partnership plan to have.

Finally, don’t rush the process of finding a mentor; ensure that your choice is comfortable for you. a good trial period is a great move.

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