This might come as a shock to some considering the many misconceptions about this industry. The Network Marketing industry is a business built on trust, close networks and information. It's important that you find these elements in the company you choose to sign up with.

This blog post is an excerpt from my recently self-published book "Stealth Cashflow".

Network Marketing fails when information isn't readily available for prospects or a representative is insufficiently experienced to solve the problems of their market.

The networks built must be sustained through capacity development and valuable communication. The major difference between Network Marketing and other marketing models is that income generated is split between the company owners/management and the people that brought in the income.

The Network Marketing industry is a business built on trust, close networks and information.

Whereas, in other forms of marketing, the income goes to the owner/s of the company. With Network Marketing, you are expected to have transparent income structures that everyone can understand.

I believe Network Marketing is the fairest business model out there. It rewards purely based on your work ethic and effort. Your educational background, race, gender, sexuality, location etc have no bearing on what you can achieve. If you do the work, you will get rewarded for the work you did. Simple!

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Network Marketing is a leveller. Everyone has the same access to the company’s products and the company’s compensation plan. What you achieve is up to you.

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