I know earning an extra income may not be one of your goals, but stop discouraging those that have such ambition. There are simple, proven systems that would effectively help you replicate success. You just have to be willing to follow the simple system and change your life!

Stop saying Network Marketing does not work!
Stop saying only those at the top make money!
Stop saying you need years of experience to succeed!

All the above are lies!!!

All You Need to Succeed is a System

Michael L. Sheffield describes network marketing as a proven system where the design, creation, and expense the corporate team has gone through becomes a road map for your own success.  All you have to do is, duplicate and replicate the processes.

He explains further with this example: Most successful people building a network marketing business do so in an organized method. They work a few dedicated hours each week, with each hour of effort serving as a building block for their long-term business growth. Then they sponsor other people and teach those people how to sell the company product and sponsor others who duplicate the process.

Why You Need a System or Process

An old mentor of mine used to say that systems are greater than talent and boy, was he right?

I may not succeed in making everyone a believer in Network Marketing. but I'm definitely going to make everyone a witness!!!

Here's proof. I have collected some reports and income statements from marketers I directly work with on my team. 99% of these people have NEVER done Network Marketing before, but they keep getting paid week after week after week!

So, we decided to share our income in the group for our Managers & above yesterday. It was all just to encourage ourselves and see how far we've come!

My Network's Income Reports

It was so beautiful to see that people are getting paid weekly.

It was amazing to see that those who have soft-pedaled, not running hard as they did at the beginning are STILL earning weekly.

It was also refreshing to see that the weekly income reflected how life is - some weeks are low, some weeks are high, some are freaking phenomenal!

As a professional network marketer, nothing gives me more joy than to see my team members succeeding!

This little side gig works after all!!!

DISCLAIMER: Joining our company is not a guarantee that you will make money - working hard and following our system is what guarantees that.
This is a business, so it requires start-up capital.

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