I've been talking with my female friends of 20+ years about this lately. Somehow, many of us believed we could change our men, we thought if we loved him enough, cooked well enough, did all our wifely duties +some enough, he would change.

Hmmmm, how we came to that conclusion, ko ye mi (I don't understand).

I once heard Steve Harvey say, every man can change, but they will only change for one woman. If your man hasn't changed, you're not the woman! It was an ouch moment for me. Seems this is true, but I felt this is so unfair.

I have come to understand though that the man who sees you for who you are, the blessing you are to his life, the favour of God upon his life as the scripture says, the man who sees your value and knows your worth, would do everything to be with you and claim you as his queen.

Ladies, that man is out there, don't settle!

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