Focus on the possibilities for success, not on the potential for failure.” β€” Napoleon Hill

We live in a world where nearly everyone's default setting is negative. A lot of people see the negatives in every situation. Even if something great and positive is happening, they keep trying to pick out the negative in that situation.

They've been wired only to see the negatives. When the negatives are not obvious in a situation, some people take time to find them.

Some people are so obsessed with negativity that even when great and positive things are happening to them, they keep expecting something negative to happen and take away their joy and happiness. Life is not all a bed of roses, they say.

"We live in a world where nearly everyone's default setting is negative."

Shayo Alofe

Yes, life is not perfect for anyone. However, successful people see these "non-perfect" scenarios as growth opportunities, and as character-building opportunities. This means that they've turned a negative thing to a positive thing by choosing to focus on the positives even in a negative scenario.

Here's the shocker ~ many do not realise that their obsession with the negatives is what creates it.
By you only seeing the negatives, pointing out the negatives, highlighting the negatives, you are creating it!

You cannot be so negativity oriented and live a positive life! It's just not possible.

focus on positives

It's time you changed your outlook to life completely. Determine to only see and seek out the positives in EVERY situation. Determine to only think about and speak about the positives in EVERY situation. Make it intentional. Make your life all about positivity.

It's December!

Stay positive about your goals. Even though the year is almost over. The majority will not get you.
Many will think and say you're not being realistic.
Look at all the realists around you, would you like to exchange your life for theirs? How is being realistic working out for them then?

When you find yourself doing what the majority are doing, you've lost already.
The majority do not follow the road less travelled. This scarcely followed route leads to a beautiful, peaceful and successful life.

There's only love, joy, gratitude and peace around here!!!

What you focus on grows - good or bad.
You attract who or what you are - don't like the people or the things around you, look in the mirror!

If you ask me, Shayo ~ what do you do?
Me: I'm in the pie baking & sharing business!!


You can pray & fast all you want, these are eternal truths. You have to focus on what you really want.

Focus is a Creative Force

"To not only believe in ABUNDANCE, but to CREATE more of it - that's the best, most exciting, expansive, huge way to live. To quit fighting for a bigger slice of pie and just bake a bigger pie and invite everybody you know to share it with you.
Nothing beats that. That's POWER!!!"

And while you share, you grow, your focus expands and the things you want come to you! This is why you should avoid negative seeds by all means!

Authenticity Conference Panelist Nominations

It's such a honour to be invited as a panelist at this year's authenticity conference! I am looking forward to this event and trusting God to move as only He can, when we become open, honest, true and authentic!!


Register NOW

I named this year, The year I come into my OWN. What a year its shaping up to be already!!πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

Would love to see you there...grab your ticket and meet us for an event that no doubt, will be an unforgettable experience for you!!

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It's time for new year resolutions. Despite all the dark times, we are still here. First remember this:

"When you're in a dark place, you sometimes tend to think you've been buried.
Perhaps you've been planted!πŸ€”


Your greatest pain can become your greatest asset.

You've endured the pain, you've gone through the pain anyway. Don't waste it! Turn it to your greatest asset.

That pain is to grow you, strengthen you, mature you and make you a better person.

Don't waste the pain!

Build the most beautiful edifice with all the bricks that have been thrown at you. Rise above the pain, hatred, depression, malice, debt, rejection, oppression.

Don't waste the pain!

What a year!! I set out to live 2018 intentionally and had specific goals on my vision board.

About 80% have happened already.

I called it the year I would experience an abundance in Happiness, Love & Finances. Wow! I blew my own mind!


Writing the vision again and making it plain for 2019, so I can run with it!

Here are some goals for 2019.

I am super excited about them! 🀩πŸ”₯

The goal is to earn multiple six - figures in the new year. You can join me on this journey.

How am I going to do that?

1. I will help 10 people make at least $50,000 per year, from home part time!

2. These 10 people will help their 10 make $10,000 per year.

3. These 10 will help their 10 make $1,000 per year.

4. These 10 will help their 10 make $100 per year.

Simple, right? It’s simple but it's not easy.

However, with the right system, culture and mentorship, it can be done.

Do you see yourself as one of these people above?

Message me.

Decide what kind of goals you want to accomplish in every area of your life in 2019, then say NO to everything that isn't that.

Say NO to everything and everyone not in alignment with those goals!

That is what It's going to take to accomplish those goals in 2019!

Everything & everyone not in alignment with my goals is a DISTRACTION!!!

Make a list of your distractions right now and decide to part ways with them.

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