I was out from 7.30am till 7.30pm, got maximum exposure to pollen...I started sneezing, sniffing, had itchy eyes. I suffer from Hay fever but I hate taking medication for anything. I would exhaust all natural remedy before I use medication for anything.

By the time I got home my nose was completely blocked. I got in bed feeling sorry for myself and wondering how I would get a good night's sleep tonight.

I then remembered I hadn't taken my #SeedNutrition today. I took them and in less than 2 minutes, my nose became unblocked! I am amazed!!! I am breathing freely.

Our bodies know exactly what to do to get us better when we feed it the right product.

I'm loving my seed nutrition. We are changing lives 1 person at a time.πŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸΎ

Remember to read my other post about your focus. It's also important to focus on the right things.

Less stress, more health.

What are you focusing on? The Past or Present or Future?

Is it time to change focus? Find out in this post about Changing Focus.

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