On Father's Day, some friends tell us about lessons their fathers taught them. These are profound lessons that every parent would want their children to learn.

Not everyone has the privilege of growing up with their biological parents. So, this list is one of such reads that would try to fill that gap. It might bring tears to your eyes. While some of the lessons are just downright hilarious. There are some inspiring ones that would be the perfect reminder of how important fathers are.

These lessons from fathers should be shared and taught to every child! Here's the list of 18 things Dad taught me:

  1. My dad taught me how to pound yam in an "odo" & how to change a flat tyre! Keep resting my papaa!! Shayo Alofe
  2. Authenticity, Ebenehi Omochor.
  3. How to tie wrapper, change tyre, turn semo vita, say no to bad boys no matter how invested I am in the relationship, not to spend my direct income but what it yields.... May I continue? LOL Olufunke Fasunon. 
  4. My dad was the first person who talked to me about sex and how men treat women if they have sex with a lady without love. Nene Olu 
  5. To smile because it’s free and it brightens my face. Beryl Avah 
  6. My dad thought me how to fear GOD. Dennis Abifarin 
  7. He taught me how to drive and change flat tyre. Aderonke Laogun-Afolabi 
  8. My dad taught me to be bold and never envisage impossibility in life. Sandra Idubor 
  9. Thought me to say the truth always no matter what. Tosin Aina 
  10. My dad taught me to be honest, to have patience, to trust and to adore classical music. Elsbeth Sertons 
  11. How to Hustle, and get money. Lenora Crawford 
  12. My dad taught me to be bold. He taught me that I can go anywhere and can do anything. Iyete Apeji 
  13. Fortune favours the prepared mind, that was my father's favorite saying. He taught me to be always prepared whatever i find myself doing i should always be prepared ready because when opportunity comes it waits for no one. I miss you Daddy. Oyebowale Sarah 
  14. How to read the bible in Yoruba language (Orin Dafidi). Shola Alabi 
  15. That knowledge is power. He encouraged reading and education. And to be independent. Colette Morris 
  16. Keep your head up! And not everyone is for you! Suzanne Lestrade 
  17. My dad taught me that as long as you have an education you’ll always have opportunities. Wendy Jenkins-Tucker 
  18. He taught me to be contented with life. Appreciate whatever comes my way. Kaine Stanley 

Use the comment box below to add your own lesson to this list. It would be exciting to see all the lessons fathers are teaching their children all over the world. Don't forget to subscribe to the Shayo Blooms Blog by using the forms on the website.

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