With various mediums like social media and business review pages available for your customers to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your brand, paying attention to how your customers feel about your business can help you control the narrative that they spread about your business.

One sure way to shape the perception of your business in the minds of your customers and potential customers is to make them fall in love with your business from the onset. If you thought falling in love was only for romantic partners, you are missing and this post is exactly for you.

Here you go:

• Clearly Define Your Ideal Customer: The first step to making your customers fall in love with your business is to know who they are. A few ways to get that done include creating audience personas, carrying out customer surveys, practicing social monitoring/listening.

Every other thing you need to do is hinged on this particular point because if you do not know your customers, how will you serve them? And, if you do not know what they want, how will you offer it to them? Just like human relationships, if you go on a date with someone whose interests align with yours, chances are you’d feel an instant connection and you’d most likely want to hang out with them again. 

Same goes for your business, if you know the mind of your customers so well that they are blown away upon doing business with you (or considering it) odds are you get to keep them because defining your ideal customer lays a foundation that you can build a loyal customer base upon.

• Be Authentic: Nobody likes clichés, your customers included. If you want to make your customers fall in love with you, don’t ever make them feel like they could get the value you give elsewhere because there’s nothing special about you. You can remain special to your customers by being transparent with them. Transparency will help you gain their trust which is important for any business

One way to practice transparency is to always uphold the values of your business so that your customers can depend on you to never go against your values. Another way to make your customers fall in love with you by being authentic is to always genuinely interact with them and leave no room for suspicions. If a customer thinks your business is shady because there’s no face or track record of your achievements, they are less likely to do business with you.

Get Your Customers Talking about You: Always offer excellent service that leaves your customers happy and singing your praise. Think about this, how many times have you checked out a business or even patronized them because someone mentioned them to you? Happens all the time, yeah? That’s because when customers are satisfied, they can hardly keep it to themselves.  Satisfied customers spread the word and, word of mouth is an effective and reliable way get customers to fall in love with your business and pledge their loyalty.

Finally, making your customers fall in love with your business is part of being customer-centric which is a great way to achieve a high success rate. Commit to get better at it.

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