I noticed a pattern about 9 years ago. Whenever I'm about to accomplish a new thing, attain a new height, or do something significant, I face a challenge that initially looks insurmountable. However, by praying and seeking counsel, I have always sailed through.


You would think that by now I would recognise the pattern. Yet, when challenges arise, I am not always prepared. It takes being quiet in my spirit and listening to wise counsel for me to remember, ohhh, there must be something major coming my way.

I don't know why it happens this way for me, but I'm grateful.

Challenges come with advantages

1. These challenges keep you grounded.
2. They humble me, and they force me to grow.
3. They also remind me that I can not rely on my own strength, I need God and I need others!

I have also come to recognise these challenges as announcers of something major right around the corner.

This post might just be for you. It has been on my heart to share and if this is for you, please remember that you are not alone!

These challenges keep you grounded.

Shayo Alofe

It is a blessing to have these challenges that force us to grow and become better than we were. They inadvertently prepare us for the weight of the glory coming.

What then can you do when you feel cornered in by challenges? There are a few simple steps which have proven effective for me.

5 Steps for Surmounting Challenges Everyday

  1. Pray like everything depends on it.
  2. Seek godly counsel. Don't listen to naysayers.
  3. Introspect and evaluate the situation appropriately. Don't let fear escalate things.
  4. Look out for the growth that needs to happen.
  5. Let others help you.

Have a great week.

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