Successful People Fail: Network Marketing Business Secrets

Maybe you are about to join the Network Marketing industry or you have even been here for a while. You might be wondering if it's safe to show people how your life was before you got into the business. Perhaps you have things you are ashamed to admit. Then you should read on because even the most successful people fail. The greatest network marketing business secret is that behind every successful leader is a long history of failure.

People will not buy your success until they buy your failures, so talk twice as much about your failures. Being relatable creates a massive attraction to you! ~ Jeff Altgilbers

Many people do not understand this and that is why many are not successful.

"...even the most successful people fail"

Shayo Alofe

We have been taught to hide our failures, not realising that being open and honest is what makes us relatable and that is what attracts your tribe to you.

Every successful Network Marketer understands the importance of find your own tribe. Your tribe is loyal. They share your pain, your motivation, your strength and maybe even your weakness.

There are reasons many are not public about their stories ~ their divorce, bankruptcy, spouse's death, rejection, betrayal, loss of job etc. They hide instead under the guise of "I am praying" or "I do not want to speak any negativity" or "A believer must not be seen to have struggles" etc...

Boy, have they lied to us!

"...being open and honest is what makes us relatable..."

Shayo Alofe

When you acknowledge your errors, failures, and you work on yourself to become a better version of you. You own your truth, you become your authentic self and there's nothing to hide. No one can use public information against you. It's not a secret! You've shown the world that you're human, you're not perfect, there are things you still struggle with. You are however strong enough to acknowledge them, work on them and choose not to be held in bondage by them.

You own your truth
You are authentic
You are real

Guess what?

That's what the world wants and are drawn to. That's how you attract your tribe.


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