5 Questions That Will Win Your Network Marketing Prospect

Prospecting in network marketing is serious business. Whether you want to sell your products or recruit a new downline, you need to master the art of prospecting. Many network marketers share too much information during prospecting. Sharing information about your company is not bad; however, it could bore your prospects and make them uninterested. Information is powerful in network marketing, but you must learn how to attract your prospect with quality information. Asking your prospect the right questions will entice them and engage their curiosity.

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Here are five important questions to ask your prospect before signing them:

  1. Are you satisfied with your life? This is one question that could get a lot of grown-ups speechless. Life is laced with failures and success; many people have regrets and live each day with bitterness and sadness. Asking if a prospect is satisfied with their life can get them into a state of sobriety and reflection. However, don’t leave them hanging in that state; share some good news on how network marketing can improve their lives and comfort them.
  2. What are your dreams and goals? Everyone has a dream. Many people have dreams they are scared of accomplishing; they need both finance and human support. Whatever the case is, asking this question will give you an idea of the kind of prospect you are dealing with.
  3. Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Most people will answer this question based on their current plan, financial state, and experience. You can provide details about your business and its benefits, including notable people who have achieved outstanding results from your network marketing business.
  4. Can your income give you the luxury you desire? This is another intriguing question to ask prospects. Many people desire luxury, but they cannot afford it based on their paycheck. Inform your prospect about your company’s income policy.
  5. How much do you consider is your worth for a month? This is a striking question that will get your prospect reflecting on their value and their current income.

After listening to your prospect’s responses, ask them if they are willing to earn more income from your company.

People want to feel heard, which is why you must avoid overloading them with information about your network marketing company. Take a little step backward, and listen to their story. Here are some powerful ways to engage your prospect:

  • Can I ask you a question?
  • I will like to know…
  • Do you mind telling me more…

After asking these questions, your prospect may ask several questions about your business and products, ensure that you avoid information overload even as you share. Once a conversation has been established, you can talk about your products and company. The next time you go prospecting, interview your prospects, listen to them, and engage them afterward.


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