Proven ways UK-Based Parents can protect their children from heatwave

It is summer and kids are eager to play and exercise outside, however this is extremely dangerous for some kids, especially in the United Kingdom. The past few weeks have been critical for citizens in the United Kingdom as they recorded temperatures over 40C (104F), which led to fire blazes. High temperatures are dangerous, making healthy living difficult for both children and their caregivers. However, it is possible to stay safe during this heatwave.

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Firstly, parents are encouraged to keep an eye on any symptoms. Hot weather causes loss of body fluids which can lead to dehydration, skin rash, irritability or weakness. As soon as you notice any unusual symptoms, contact your paediatrician.

Other symptoms in babies include:

  • Refusal to drink
  • Dry skin
  • Dizziness
  • Extreme exhaustion
  • Fever
  • Vomiting

All of these are symptoms that you should look out for in your children, as ignoring them can lead to more complications. While this blog post does not prescribe any form of treatment for these symptoms, you will learn a few tips to combat the heat and protect your children from heat-treated diseases. 'Water is life', you must have heard this a couple of times. Well, water is much needed at a time like this. So, keep your kids hydrated. Encourage them to drink water and ensure that it is easily available. If you are going out, take along some water bottles.

Children who are breastfeeding should be fed more frequently, especially for mothers practicing exclusive breastfeeding. Besides water, getting sunscreen is important. Sunscreen with an SPF is recommended for children above the age of six months. Whenever you are going out, apply sunscreen on your kids and yourself and save yourself from skin burn. Furthermore, when you are indoors, keep your rooms cool by closing curtains, especially if your room is facing the sun. Using a fan or air conditioner in the room is beneficial.

According to a speech by the UK Cabinet Office Minister, “People need to take care, do all the stuff they would do when it is very hot – wear a hat, drink water – but critically also the most vulnerable groups – the elderly, those with cardiovascular problems and the very young – that people look out for them and take care."Finally, the NHS advises parents to give babies a cool bath before bedtime and keep nightwear to a minimum. Ensure that your baby sleeps at a room temperature between 16C and 20C, you can monitor the room's temperature with a nursery temperature.

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