Networks are the Future of Global Transformation

Just listened to 6 amazing people who formed the Ambassador panel at this year's GoPro!

They say you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. I first heard this a few years ago, since then I've made a conscious effort to be around people better, smarter, richer & wealthier than me.

If these crowd of entrepreneurs could fly from Europe to learn more so they can earn more, so can I!!

Do something today that will make your future self proud!

Someone recently shared something that touched me the most. It made me cry like a baby. Each of them were asked what Network Marketing has allowed them to do!

Jane shared a moving story of when her mum was sick with Cancer and was cared for by a lady from Malawi. The lady did such a great job that the mother asked her what she could do for her in return. The lady from Malawi said she did not want anything for herself but told them about her village in Malawi, where there was no clean water. Just before Jane's mum passed away, she was able to raise enough money to build the FIRST CLEAN WATER WELL in that village. Jane's mother said to Jane, you have to build on this, don't let it end here.

Jane went to that village in Malawi and while she was there, a 2 year old boy died from Malaria, because there was no medical center in that village. All that was needed to save that boy was $1.

Jane decided she had to do something. She came back to the UK and started raising funds to build a medical center. Whatever was raised, she doubled it. That medical center was built and hundreds of people are now being treated. Network Marketing made that happen!

Susan shared about how she decided that she would be one of those to end child trafficking in the world. 3 months later, she found herself in Cambodia helping to rescue children used as sex slaves. She sat with children who were sold as virgins at age 4. These children who were on their period but still had to sleep with 7 men on those nights. Susan was able to fund the organization that rescued these children. She did this for 6 years. Network Marketing made that happen.

These 2 stories shared is WHY I do what I do - impacting lives all over the world. People who may NEVER know my name! People who will NEVER be able to repay me!

I am so thankful for this industry and blessed that I found the Network Marketing industry!!


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