Networking Marketing Success: Is Personal History Important?

Let's talk about personal history, shall we? My Network Marketing success tip for today is from none other than the one, the only, Mr Go Pro himself, Eric Worre

If you are in this phenomenal industry already, this tip will help you and your team members immensely.

If you're still outside of the industry, looking in...wondering if this is for you or not, be extremely grateful for coming across this post right now. It will help you set the right expectations.

History & Network Marketing Success

Eric Worre in this famed article shares why your personal history can affect your success as a Network Marketer.

He says, "When some people join Network Marketing, they get punished for the life they've lived before they joined, while others get rewarded.

Here's what I mean, if a person has been a taker all their lives, if they've constantly been involved in drama, if they are a professional blamer, if they've taken advantage of people, if they haven't invested in relationships, if they are gossip or constantly focused on shortcuts, people will be very slow to even listen to their opportunity no matter how good it is.

At the same time, a person who's lived the opposite life has an easy time in the beginning.

That's the bad news for the takers. But here's the good news, it might take a little longer, but you can change. With that change will come the eventual trust from the people in your life.

So instead of complaining that "no one will even take a look", understand that Network Marketing can help you turn things around. Approach your business with a giver's heart and relentless determination to become a better person. At the same time, develop your skills.

Then everyone will want to work with you.

I've seen countless numbers of people who were successful in making that change including me."

Who you were before you started your Network Marketing journey would either punish you or reward you. The good news is, you are in control, you hold the pen and you are writing the story of your life. You can edit often and end up with a master piece!!!!

Much love!

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