Goals differ from business to business, but over time, conversations have been about the actual amount of sleep business owners should have if they want to succeed. In some gatherings, especially on the internet, if you mention that you wake up anywhere after 4 am, you’d be roasted, toasted, grilled, whatever, name it! And, eventually, you’d be considered “unserious.”

All over the internet, there are stories of successful business owners who do not stay in bed. A lot of folks can’t wait to see the day break so that they can be up before the cock crows doing yoga, and checking emails.

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The first step to figuring out how much sleep you need to smash your goal is to break down your goals. Although depriving yourself of sleep sounds like the ideal thing to do, how much work you get done while you are awake is what matters in the end.

Defining your goals should not be limited to only your entrepreneurship goals; you should also define your personal goals. How much of your life do you want to be in control of? Do you want to work round the clock with no time for yourself or your family? Do you want to suffer health issues related to sleep deprivation later on in life, or do you want to avoid that by ensuring you get enough sleep to reduce the chances?

After answering those questions, another thing to consider is how you will determine that YOU are having enough sleep. It’s all about you, and depending on your obligations within and outside of work, you can measure the worth of your sleep by how much fuel it gives you to go about your day.

Picture a mom who needs to drop off the kids at school in the morning and has clients in a different time zone. Now, imagine there’s another mom whose children are all in college and whose customers operate within the same time zone.   Do you think their sleep patterns would be the same?

This is to say that the activities you need to carry out will determine how much sleep you need to get. If you have to drive a far distance in the morning to meet up with a client, you may need to get up earlier to make the meeting in time while also getting enough sleep to drive safely on the road.

It’s up to you to balance it all out, and this could mean going to bed an hour or two earlier than usual so you can rise early to do some chores around the house, make breakfast for your kids, walk your dog, or do some exercises before getting on the road.

How much sleep you need to smash your entrepreneurial goals depends on you. While you are awake, are you putting in quality work to achieve better business results? If your answer is yes, you don’t have to focus on getting up as early as others. But, if you think you can make do with less sleep than you’re currently having, by all means, go for it.

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