Here’s How Decluttering your Workspace Can Improve your Efficiency as A Remote Worker

Sorting out the clutter within and around your workspace may seem less like a tool to improve your efficiency as a remote worker, but it is what it is.

Decluttering can be satisfying and when properly done, it gives you a sense of control that is absolutely empowering.

A lot of times we keep things around because we used to need them or think we might need them but that’s not how it always goes and most of these things just end up taking space. When this happens, the joy of having them around fades into some sort of irritation and frustration but by then, we are already too attached to let go. Still, you have to.

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Living with or working around excessive stuff can cause you to constantly feel overwhelmed and lead you to procrastination because you already feel exhausted before getting to the things that need to be done.

So, first, think of decluttering your workspace as a way to put your life in order. The same reason why you wouldn’t want irrelevant things or persons to get attached to you is the same reason why you need to let go of anything in your workspace that no longer serves you. And, that reason is as simple as you need to breathe.

Although papers always seem handy and useful, they are one of the easiest ways to clog your workspace and since you work at home with no janitor to pick up after you, it’s very easy to pile them up.

Gather all the papers and carefully look through them to determine what stays and what goes. You may want to keep that piece you doodled on while having a crazy negotiation but remember that if it is not important, it has to go.

If you’re the type who manages stress by doodling, you should consider getting a sketch pad to keep all your doodles in one place instead of having pieces of paper or sticky notes filled with them lying around.

Getting rid of pens can be quite challenging but not only does keeping old pens around take up space, they can be very frustrating when you need one the most. So, save yourself the stress of having to search for a pen that works from a pile of old pens in the middle of a meeting on a sunny Monday afternoon.

Breaking ties with the past can be very difficult but letting go of damaged cables, outdated documents, broken gadgets and lots more, can show you that it’s okay to let go of other bigger things in your life that you’ve held onto for so long.

Also note that decluttering doesn’t always mean throwing things away. Sometimes, all you need to do is sort and organize things accordingly. Doing this helps you to know where to look when you need a thing instead of wasting your time.

Decluttering helps you get organized, manage space appropriately, save time, and working in such an environment is great for your ultimate productivity. Find time to declutter this month, you’d be glad you did.

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