Four Ways To Stay Fit and Active as a Stay-at-home Mum

Motherhood is demanding, yet it is a beautiful experience. The joy of having to nurse your infants to teenagehood and then adulthood is amazing. Albeit, taking care of kids comes with ups and downs; think of the several homework assignments, cooking, and house chores. These demands, seemingly looking little, are a big challenge for every woman. However, many women embrace new ways to deal with the challenges that accompany motherhood. The change could be especially tedious for stay-home moms who need some sense of routine. Being a stay home mum means you have to juggle many chores and your aspirations as a person. Unfortunately, this mothering lifestyle predisposes women to different health and physical challenges like consistent burnout, identity loss, stress, depression, and obesity.

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Many women consider staying home a great way to build a healthy relationship with their kids. This is because staying home offers them the opportunity to become a full- time teachers, babysitters, chefs, nurses, and therapists to their kids. Being a stellar stay-at-home mom is a big shoe to fit, and a healthy and active mind is a non-negotiable requirement.  

How do you manage to make decisions for yourself and your kids? How do you raise healthy kids and maintain a healthy lifestyle yourself? These questions and much more trouble the hearts of many stay-at-home mums. 

For most stay home mums, consistent burnout is a daily battle. This is not far-fetched from the endless house chores. You may find yourself running around the house for hours, trying to catch up with your toddlers, or perhaps taking a nap. Many moms have been attempting to deal with these stresses in different ways. One of the best ways to deal with burnout is identifying the cause. Which chores stress you the most? How often do you get exhausted as a stay home mum? Do you feel relaxed after sleeping? Sleeping after a long day may seem like the best way to deal with burnout and stress, but that is almost impossible, especially for nursing mothers. Hence, prioritizing chores, delegating tasks to your nanny, and taking time to rest when the kids are away could be better options. 


In cases of obesity and depression, frequent exercise helps women stay active. Several fitness apps are available on the internet to help women stay fit and healthy. More so, you must learn to prioritize yourself. It is perfectly acceptable to take breaks and delegate your duties to your partner or friends. Never stop having fun and meeting with your friends. Finally, never forget your true self. 

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