Growth is a prerequisite for the long-term survival of every business. However, growth is determined by several factors such as customer retention, quality services, and marketing strategies. Considering the competition in the marketplace, there is a need for effective customer retention strategies. Increased customer engagement can increase your profits by 25-95%.

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Here are my best strategies to keep existing customers

  • Offer Value: There are two sellers in the marketplace. The individual offers value throughout the year, and the other focuses on quantity instead of quality. The first seller will retent more customers than the latter. In the same vein, offering value to your customers consistently improves your revenue. 

Moreover, there is a need to set up a great structure that helps you solve your customers' needs. Making your customers' problems disappear with little or no hassle is the best way to value your customers. As a result, you can retain them. Doing this leaves them with an experience they cannot find elsewhere, even when you are not the only one vying for their attention.

  • Great Customer Service: One way to achieve this is to know what your current customers think of your business and the products/services you offer. An excellent place to start would be getting feedback from as many existing customers as possible. 

First, choose a survey method that works best for your business but ensure that it is not cumbersome or complicated. When you have received sufficient feedback, proceed to review and analyze the information based on common trends and behaviors displayed in customer feedback. With this, you can determine how to and what to improve to offer great customer service that keeps your customers coming back.

  • Customer Loyalty Program: Customer retention can also be achieved by making customers happy, but how do you make them happy? One way to accomplish this is by offering Customer Loyalty Programs; these programs are usually applied the more customers patronize and interact with your business. Interaction do not only increase the engagement level of your customers, but they also create an experience that extends beyond buying and using your products/services by rewarding customers for being a part of your community, therefore, keeping them committed to your business.

In conclusion, customers retention is a process and a lifelong commitment. So, take your time, build a strategy that allows you solve customer's problems. You will definitely experience a steady increase in customer retention if you practice the above in your business.

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