Complimentary Business Ideas For Network Marketers

Entrepreneurship is like a rollercoaster ride, with each day opening its opportunities, uncertainties, and challenges. This may sound like hyperbole, but it is the reality of many business owners, especially network marketers. General business principles are also applicable to Network marketing business; hence, factors that affect entrepreneurs may affect you as a network marketer.

The typical business cycle highs and lows are major factors that impact cash flow, which is the reality of many network marketers. You can offer several businesses as a network marketer. Below are four efficient complementary businesses that can attract your ideal audience.

  1. Public Speaking: Public speaking is a big business, with over 4,000 public speakers in the United States alone. The United Kingdom is also not left out, with hundreds of public speakers making an average of £34,587 per year. Many public speakers work part-time. Choosing public speaking as a part-time job will create an avenue to meet more people and introduce your MLM company to them. To start as a public speaker, you need to be eloquent, charismatic and knowledgeable. You might have to enrol for a few courses to learn the art of public speaking. Furthermore, public speakers are inherently self-confident individuals. If you are very confident, this is just the right job to complement your network marketing business.
  2. Network Marketing Consulting: There are several prospects who have countless questions about network marketing. You can work as a MLM consultant or coach to address their worries. You will coach people on improving their business, prospecting leads, creating products and making profits. Having a few years of experience is quite helpful before starting as a consultant.
  3. Product Distribution: Several companies manufacture products similar to your products. Many of these companies hire influencers, thought leaders and experts to promote their products in their market. While you work for a health and wellness network marketing company, you can become a product distributor for skincare products, supplements and vegetables. Of course, these companies can be MLM companies or strictly product distributors.
  4. Advertisement services: You can offer advertisement services for other business owners and entrepreneurs. You have an audience as a network marketer, and that will make it easy for you to promote other people’s business. However, ensure that whatever industry you are promoting is attractive to your audience and does not contradict your services. For example, you can advertise services like real estate services, investment services, food business, and many more.


Having multiple streams of income as a network marketer puts you in a better position to live a comfortable life if one business fails. Moreover, the complimentary business helps expand your business empire and build a successful business chain.

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