Can Anybody Succeed in Network Marketing?

Many people say NO to the Network Marketing industry because they've heard some horror stories from others or they've had some bad experiences themselves.

However, the fact that you or 10 people you know did not do well in Network Marketing is NOT proof that nobody does well in the industry.

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I am sure you know many people who started out wanting to be a million dollar recording artist. Some had amazing voices, but they never quite made it in the industry. Does that mean nobody does well as a recording artist?

How about those who started out wanting to play professional football. They were extremely talented. They put in the hours but were never signed by a top club.

Or those who started at corporate jobs. Who were very hardworking, skilled at what they do but never quite made it to top management, does that mean nobody makes it to top management in the corporate world? Of course not!

You see, in EVERY industry, not EVERYONE can make it to the top. In Network Marketing however, EVERYBODY can. It depends on YOU, YOU, YOU and YOU alone.

I found that top network marketers always create a system for their teams. You see, the thing about systems is, they work, ANYWHERE and can be DUPLICATED.

When I learned this was when I cracked the code. I developed a SYSTEM for my team. Those who are following our system are growing weekly and getting paid weekly.

One of them sent me this yesterday. She was in tears.

Marketing Commissions Backend View

Marketing Commissions Back-end

She joined me a little over a year ago and has been super consistent. She logged in to her back office yesterday to pull up some numbers, mistakenly clicked on commissions button and almost collapsed when she saw what she earned for 1 week. Over $900!!

I included her previous weeks earnings so you can see the progression. She does this part time.

Would earning $900 - $1,000 every week part - time make a difference to you and your family?🤷🏾‍♀️

Will EVERYBODY succeed in Network Marketing? NO!

Can EVERYBODY succeed in Network Marketing? YES!✔

Find a company with products you can be passionate about, a fair compensation plan and a sponsor who knows what he or she is doing! Ask what system they use on their team. Ask to see their results!

The truth is, Network Marketing works if you work it!

Those dreams you've had since you were a will you birth them? Network Marketing could be the vehicle for you.

The highest form of ignorance is saying NO to something you don't fully understand.

If you'd like to consult with me on your financial or business progress, visit my contact page here.


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