This Book is Full of Network Marketing Secrets!

By Rob Sperry

26 authors have come together to create this EPIC book! I have read it three times. Imagine LEADERS giving away their very best SECRETS in each chapter. We took out the fluff and made sure each Chapter gives you specific STRATEGIES. RIGHT NOW THE BOOK IS NOT AVAILABLE. YOU CAN PRE-ORDER it only through one of the co-authors.

Here are a few topics that will be covered in this book

  • Taprooting The art of sponsoring a circle of influence.
  • Growing your business through social media.
  • Strategies to never run out of leads and turn those leads into business.
  • How to utilize events and expos. This is a very unique strategy that is almost never taught.
  • How to launch your newest recruit. Launching your newest recruit is vital to success. We will give you the blueprint to do so. Creating a recruiting mindset.
  • Mindset will eat skills and systems for breakfast. Discover each top leader’s strategy for creating a bulletproof mindset. Daily Methods of Operation to build a thriving business.
  • We will help you get laser-focused to accomplish 10x more in the same amount of time.
  • Becoming a super recruiter. The roadmap to becoming a super recruiter regardless of your personality and background is laid out in this book.
  • Attraction marketing. The exact formula to attract new customers and business builders to your business.

How can you help?

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Thanks for all you do and I look forward to seeing you at launch!#networking #networkmarketing #books #mlm #author

If you would like to get copies preordered, please follow this link


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