What it Means to be a Black Business Mom in the United Kingdom

I am a proudly black African woman raising 3 gorgeous children; royalty they are. Being a black business mom in the United Kingdom means that sometimes we encounter some tough situations that question our capacity. The past few weeks have seen big waves of campaigns against racism across the globe. It hurts that I have to have conversations with my kids about how to react when they are bullied or when they are victims of racism. This reality, however, is real for a lot of black men and women. As a mom and a business woman, you need to grow into various networks irrespective of race and colour. How then do you handle these circumstances?

Sadly, my first 2 have experienced racism in school. Both the subtle and the right in your face type.

I, of course, took things up with their schools and insisted disciplinary actions were taken against the perpetrators. More importantly though, I insisted the school must take a stand and show that racism is not accepted in my son's school. They had a special assembly to discuss this.

I just couldn't understand how children could be that vile towards another child because of the colour of his or her skin. I understand that these children learned to be racists from home. It's due to conversations happening or NOT happening in their homes.

Some of my non-black friends have reached out wanting to know genuinely how they can help and what they can do to help. I believe the answer is EDUCATION. Be open minded enough to understand us, our history, our background, and our culture. Then have those conversations at home with your children.

Let them know no race is superior to another. Let them know it is wrong to treat somebody different because of their skin colour. Let them know that it is wrong to hate anyone because of their skin colour. Let them know our world is indeed a beautiful place because of our differences. We must all learn to love and embrace our differences. How boring this world would be if we were all the same. It's important to show the world that black lives really matter.

As a mother and business person, I understand the importance of healthy relationships and communities for success. We must continue to deliver on our capacity irrespective of these circumstances.

I am Shayo Alofe and I am proudly black.

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