Amazing Tricks & Tips That Will Make Your Office Space Feel More Comfortable

Working from home to stay, and we are here for it. If you happen to enjoy not having to deal with the stress of commuting or tolerating annoying co-workers for at least eight hours every work day, you’re going to love this piece.

Despite being a great feeling to work from home, oftentimes it can be bothersome having to set up a place to work inside the house because at the office, all you need to be productive and comfortable is usually provided by the management. But when you are a remote worker, it is all up to you.

So, how do you make your office space more attractive and comfortable?

The first thing to consider is the amount of space you need to design your office and work with it. You don’t have to use up all the space there is, nor do you have to give up on owning a home office due to lack of space.

Once you have figured out how much space you need and compared it to what you have, next think of the lighting. Some people love dark mode and their creative juices flow better in a dark room, but it’s not the same for everyone. Also, you may need to jump on video meetings once in a while, and you don’t want to appear like a shadow on the call.


So, you might want to consider picking a space close to a dependable source of lighting – be it artificial and natural. Once settled, pick your colors. Most offices are painted in the brand’s colors or grey or white etc., but you may want to do something entirely far from that, especially if bad memories from working in an office still haunt you. So, pick a color that allows you to breathe and be your best while at work.

Another thing to consider is the nearness of cable ports. Depending on the kind of job that you do, you might need to plug in a lot of stuff and you don’t want to be travelling around the house to connect your computer or print out a mail. So, ensure the sockets are close by.

Next, invest in your comfort and get yourself a comfy chair and table. You are probably going to spend the most time sitting at your table, so don’t skip this part. One of the ways to remain productive at work is to be in good health, and you don’t want to be dealing with any form of discomfort in your back, neck, or buttocks while at it. Also, consider getting a back pillow for additional comfort.

Once you have your table and chair, set up your table by arranging your stationery and other necessities for easier reach. Also, endeavor to make the room as personal as possible (there’s no nosy co-worker to deal with, so why not?). This part is necessary because you need to feel at home in your workplace, and bringing a few personal things to the space can ridiculously transform your remote office.

Bring some nature into the room with some green plants, like the Spider plant and peperomia plant. Having some plants will spice up your mood and brighten your day. Moreover, placing some inspiring art and quotes on your mood is also capable of elevating your mood. Coffee lover? Bring in a coffee maker and a music player to get over those anxieties and creative blocks while working. 

Do you know pleasant scents can influence your brain activity and improve productivity? Whether you like some essential oil, air fresheners or candles, amazing scents can make your office comfortable. 

In summary, if you consider carefully the options listed above, your office space will look professional yet give you room to be as casual as possible. Just ensure you never get caught in a video meeting in your pajamas.

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