About Shayo Blooms

Shayo Alofe is the face of a thousand survivors. You'll find here, her journey from brokenness to thriving again.
Transformation Coach, Shayo Alofe


These are the many faces of a survivor, a woman who refused to stay defeated, a woman who refused to stay down, a woman who refused to stay broken, battered and bruised. You've been one or all of these faces. Meeting Shayo, you'd believe that nothing could be more perfect. In her journey towards wholeness, Shayo has come to be a signal to many others. You also can thrive again.


It's still amazing to know that Shayo had been building a strong business empire across countries while she struggled. She was generating quite a lot of income while being abused. This total wonder, is testimony to the possibilities that exist for you too!

Shayo has over the years positioned herself in the Network Marketing industry. She found that she had a gift she could share with the world. Instead of a story of grief, failure and fear, she determined to let her story inspire the world. Shayo has since focused on her businesses.
Although I was in pain, my purpose was being birthed through my pain. My businesses were the platform to reach others like me
Shayo stayed in an unhappy marriage for 13 years. She was physically and emotionally abused through those long years. At least 9 years of that time, Shayo was a victim of physical abuse. Her husband cheated on her for a long time, longer than anyone should endure. In all of this, she chose to forgive her abuser and tried to make the marriage work. We've all had our battles and sometimes, we just can't keep fighting for what has been lost.

In her enduring faith, Shayo decided it was only the willingness of other humans and the power of God that could heal. It was at her lowest points that she realized she was also hurting her children by staying put. Her eventual decisions were from a place of strength, reliance on God and a need to protect the minds of her children. One day she realized she might be raising her children in the kind of relationship that would make them grow up as abusers or victims. She decided it was time to end that relationship and this led to a new beginning.
She says this about her work:

"I poured all my energy into my businesses, I found that people listened to me when I spoke, because I spoke with so much passion. Although I was in pain, my purpose was being birthed through my pain. My businesses were the platform to reach others like me."

Shayo shares her story as often as she can. This is her way of reaching out to the woman who feels there's no good in her, that woman who has lost her self worth. She speaks to that woman who feels she can not amount to anything because a man told her so. Shayo wants you to find yourself again, to find hope again. Her greatest belief is that we all can thrive and Shayo Blooms is the manifestation of this strong belief.

You too can thrive again!!
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