4 Ways to Build a Valuable Customer-Centric Business

In 1954, Austrian-American management consultant, Peter Drucker said “it is the customer who determines what a business is, what it produces, and whether it will prosper” but still, years later, a lot of businesses are still struggling to build a valuable customer-centric business. 

Building a business that is customer-centric is about putting customers at the core of your business so that they can have a positive experience before and after sales. This strategy is useful as it encourages customers to return to do business with you and develop loyalty to your brand which will improve the growth of your business.

With large businesses, there’s an overwhelming volume, velocity, and variety of customer data to sift through in order to build a customer–centric business, especially if the business is just embracing the culture. However, as a small business owner, you can imbibe this culture and make it a part of your business as you scale up in these four simple ways.

Here Are Four Tips That Have Helped My Business Over The Years

 1.     Establish a Mutually Beneficial Relationship: Your customers are not just numbers to be measured or analyzed when you take inventory of your business, they are humans and as a result they respond to empathy. Start by having a significant amount of empathy for your customers that enables you to identify their emotional needs, understand the background of their needs, and respond appropriately to those needs.

You can achieve this by shifting the focus of your business from just sales of your products and services to prioritizing the customer and the experience they have upon interacting with your brand at any point.

2.     Get Customer Experience Feedback: Feedback provides insight into how your customers feel about your business and you must understand by now how important the feelings of your customers are. If your customers are happy with your product or service, the likelihood of them promoting and protecting the reputation of your business are high. So, always pay attention to the bits of information they share with you and commit to serve them.

3.     Set Up a Customer-Oriented Team: Your team is the face of your business and most customer experience will be shaped by the interactions they have with the team. Hence, before onboarding any new team members (regardless of the role that they play), always assess them to ensure that they are aligned to customer-centric thinking and understand it’s importance to your business.

4.     Introduce an Element of Risk: Motivate your team to always align with the customer-centric culture of your business by linking their actions to customer outcome. Ensuring that every member of your team prioritizes customers and their need will help you keep present customers and attract new customers which in turn puts your business a step ahead in the journey of building a valuable customer-centric business.

Building a valuable customer-centric business can be complex and long but the benefits outweigh its complexities. Always remember that your business is all about the customer and their need but being customer-centric is mutually beneficial.

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