Teamwork is an excellent tool for the advancement and growth of any business and organization, but leading a team can be daunting. Working with different people from different backgrounds with varying ethics of work and behavioural patterns can be a hard nut to crack, but no matter how hard, you have to find a way to ensure the job gets done.

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Here are four ways to achieve efficiency with your team

1.         Have a Great Onboarding Process – This is a procedure that helps integrate a new hire into the culture and system of your business and provides them with every information and tool that they would need to settle into your team. The duration of this process varies, but at the end of it, the employee should fully comprehend your goals and objectives as a team.

2.         Organize Employee Training – This process enables you to provide your team with the specific skills and knowledge required to function at their best within your organization. It helps to improve the productivity of team members.  These training sessions also help identify the strengths and weaknesses of team members, which would enable you to create a work process and environment that efficiently combines team members’ abilities to achieve effective results.

3.         Effective Delegation – Effective delegation reduces the chances of overlapping activities and increase productivity. With clearly defined roles and tasks, each team member can focus their energy on putting their best foot forward without fear of being in the shadows of some other team members. This way, each team member gets due credit for their inputs, and everyone can exist in harmony.

4.         Feedback – To increase productivity and efficiency, create a system that enables your team members to get feedback on their performances occasionally. This review should focus on improving the quality of work and services delivered by the team. It should also tackle any challenges members might be facing and offer guidance on best practices to enhance performance and teamwork.

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5.         Clear Communication Chain – Miscommunication is a potent ingredient for failure in any team; it can sabotage the progress of a project at any point. From onboarding to execution of each project, you must ensure that every bit of information is passed correctly and understood by every team member before progressing. You can achieve this by establishing a clear communication chain where team members can double-check every information received, gain clarity and deliver precisely.

Nothing beats a formidable team of individuals who understand the assignment ahead of them. Although it may be quite challenging, building an effective and productive team is an achievable feat.

Although not everyone would initially set off at the same speed, with a bit of commitment from all the parties involved and a structure that allows for growth, every team member would eventually catch up and find their place in the team.

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