4 Vital Reasons You Shouldn’t Copy Your Competitors

If you are offered an opportunity between stalking your competitor’s marketing team or hire the best marketing team in the world, what would you choose? I understand that stalking your competitor’s team may seem enticing, but on the flip side, it could be limiting. There are better ways to handle competition in business than copying your competitors. Why do you have to copy your competitors when you can create something original?

In this article, I will share four key reasons you shouldn’t copy your competitors.

#1 Your audience may respond differently: Your audience and your competitor’s audience have different responses. For instance, I am an entrepreneur, a business consultant, and a network marketer; I don't have to copy a competitor who is a business consultant. My content will be tailored to meet the needs of my target audience. Besides, copying will limit you from owning your voice and story.

#2 You cannot properly predict their action plan: Your competitor just launched a new product, and they are asking for feedback. Every smart entrepreneur asks their clients for reviews. Therefore, it is wrong to assume they are working on a new project. Regardless of what the headlines say about your competitors, it is better to create your strategy. The fate of your business should not depend on guess and copying.

#3 Your customers will see it: Many brands today are in fierce competition in the global market, yet they don’t copy each other. Your consumers will most likely see the copying effect in your brand, which can project you as a weak brand. Consumers love original and unique brands. Interestingly, we all love to engage with innovators or unique brands in their mode of operation.


#4 You don’t have the same resources as they do: How do you know how many staff your competitor has? How do you know how much your competitor invests in their marketing campaign? If you can not pinpoint the tools, software, and strategy your competitor utilizes, it is best to avoid copying. As an optimized digital entrepreneur, certain tools and software can help you work efficiently with your team members and colleagues. Find your unique tools. Finally, you are limiting your marketing effort when you copy your competitor's strategy and idea. You will likely produce poorer results when copying because you won’t know exactly how they executed their strategy.

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