3 Highly Productive and Exciting Ways to Enjoy your Days Off as A 9-5 Worker

Everyone loves a day off but not everyone spends the day productively. Just because it’s a no work day doesn’t mean you can’t do something exciting and productive. After all, being productive is not limited to your day job alone.

I understand that for a lot of people work is only fulfilling and enjoyable as long as it pays the bills, and as a result you may be not be thrilled at the thought of a day off.

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This is absolutely relatable especially if you’ve got your hands full with kids and a side hustle or small business running aiming to thrive at all cost, then chances are you never truly get the day off because you either spend your days off checking your social media analytics, working on your accounts, or attending to emails from school teacher to suppliers.

Let’s not get into how unhealthy it is for you mentally and emotionally to not cut yourself some slacks and take a break. I’m sure you know your general wellbeing is affected when you don’t find time to relax.

So, in this piece, we’re going to explore 3 highly productive and exciting ways for you to enjoy your days off as a 9 to 5 worker.

First, do something you love. Day in day out, you are stuck with things you have to do – to survive. This time, do something you love to do, something that would be worth remembering in years to come.

If there’s a cause you’re passionate about, make enquiries about volunteering opportunities in that regard that fall on your day off and just do it. It may sound like work but if you’re really passionate about it, you’d take it as an opportunity to help the world in your own way,

You may also schedule some random acts of kindness that don’t require you to be part of any organization. For example, you may want to lend a hand in a community project, visit a children’s hospital, or care home, to read them stories or play any instrument of your choice to put a smile on their faces and yours.

Another way you can productively manage your day off is to schedule some me time. This maybe a little difficult if you have kids but with adequate preparation, you can sort that. You can start the day with scented candles, calming music, and deep meditation then take a trip to the spa for some relaxing massage – your joints and muscles will be grateful! Or, go shopping – buy yourself something that you have always wanted. You can also cook your favorite meal or try a new recipe if that’s something you’d love.

Lastly, go on a road trip. Nothing beats new sights, scenes, places, people, etc. Don’t think about it too much, just pack a bag and some groceries, get on a train or drive yourself, alone or with your family and/or friends, and go somewhere you’ve never been too.

This is a perfect way to spend your day off productively because you leave everything behind and get lost in the beauty of the roads ahead. It is re-energizing and can help you clear your head for fresh ideas.

In essence, the next time you get a day off, don’t just spend the entire day in front of the TV on the couch, do something different.

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